by Blight Future

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released May 23, 2014

All Songs By: Blight Future
Recorded by: Joel Stillwell
Mastered by: Matt Coyle



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Blight Future

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Track Name: 01
We've got a plan, we've made a list
Incomplete and imperfect
We'd like to fill you in
Demand those things you've yet to have
But can tell have always existed
Make it up as you go, as you move forward
A brand new liberation
Messy and forgiving
Untelling the lies along the way
All genders, no genders, all classes, no classes, all races, all ages, all unborn, all species, whole planets
Bored with the oppression
Bored with the exploitation
Bored with humans harming humans
Being bored is the first thing to go in our revolution
Track Name: John Brown Revisited
"If we die, we die
if we live we free the (en)slave(d)"
But I have no plans for capture
No peace to be made
This is no place for soldiers
Just raw fear and courage
I have no plans for capture
No peace to be made
No risks to access
No more collateral damage
More pieces of freedom plucked from the mouths of kings
Fill your heart, brace your chest
Let it quiver with anticipation
These are the moments we wait too long for
Moments we could be making
We are whole human beings
We mourn our defeats
(To try is to succeed)
Sometimes we win
This time we win
Track Name: Lost Dog
She looks at me and sighs
“When do you think we will go outside?
I’ve found every soft corner in this apartment to wait
And I can’t tell
days from days. Dreaming of running, any way to remain engaged
All I want is to run, is to run, is to run, is
For you to hold me and touch me
It’s all I’ve known and I’ll be gone
in as many years as when we met
Is there more than waiting to be awake?”
How fucking weird to own a pet
Track Name: 04
Oh no I'm feeling mad again, and I can't tell at who
On no I'm feeling sad again, and I can't remember why
Oh no here comes the panic again, the madness of being misunderstood
Oh no I can't tell where to go, just that I want out

I guess I'll take it out on you, I'll take it out on myself
I guess I'll just retreat inside and wait for something to pull me out
Like vengeance, some petty addiction, or sleep
To break the spell for now

Can you recall when the boredom felt like a near death experience
Has it been too long to remember that you would fight to resist the numbness
Are you still upside down in that crib, flailing at nothing
Are you still that lonely kid stuck behind a desk
Or some sad, quiet table
Harmless and frozen

Have the voices in your head turned against you
Track Name: 05
To whom do these celebrity rulers pay their tributes?
Who is The Man, and who manufactures his curtain
To whom do these celebrity rulers pay their tributes?
Who do we die for? Who do we trade our lives for? Who are they?
Global climate collapse
Sex trafficking
Arms trade
War, any war
Plastic islands, now continents
The empty look on his face, the empty sound in his voice when he tells me of the SBD's (small diameter bombs) he dedicates his still beautiful mind to..,
All for whom? Who?
Lead me to their hearts
Track Name: Honest Moments
This is it
The present yearns for you to act, to move
You're the one you've been waiting for
You've known all along that something wasn't right
All is not well, everything is not fine
You're living in a graceless collapse
A downed planet with no resurrection in human sight
What will remain as we unravel that collective lie
What will burn

You're not alone
Is there more you need to know than that
Some other truth; they may never come
There may never be more answers than what you already have
Don't let that stop you, ground your actions in the thinking you can trust
The honest moments when you can distinguish reality from the mind-fucked narratives that run ceaselessly through your battered synapses
The honest moments when you can tell what needs to be done
Track Name: 07
There will be no undead apocalypse, no Hellmouth to swallow us whole
What the fuck
Is it harder to imagine cooperation before eating each other into extinction
I guess it should come as no surprise
When some are slated to work, some slated to drive, others just born to be forgotten, and no one is destined for happiness in this system of occupations, status and death
You be a fool to trust anyone

Makes for great entertainment
Distractions from distractions
Fattening our minds for the coming human smorgasbord
Track Name: Born Guilty
These kids are having a hard time trying to like you
Or even caring if you live or die
Too many cousins, too many uncles lives ruined just doing your job:
Top-down terrorism for the maintenance of a racist empire
"Fuck the police" is the only time I hear them say "fuck"
They're trying to sound tough
Mumbled like a prayer, soft and sacred
A spell to give them strength

Tensions rise when you come around - Relax, be cool
Their momas taught them to keep their heads down - Yes sir, No sir
Instruments of torture pass at eye level and the know not to give you a reason
They're living a live sentence, born guilty
Any passing glance in the bathroom mirror serves as that reminder
How long can their hate a fear keep them safe
Track Name: 09
In the instance of waking
When my heart has no armor
And my mind is open to all that inspires and terrifies
The numb resentment from your loss is weak enough for me to miss you
I see you here before you left forever
The jokes that stayed funny for years
The fights that never resolved
Everything between the benign passages of time when we occupied the same space
Before the heroine, car wrecks and cancer
The social diseases that seem to take us all eventually
I've been learning to unclench my throat when you make your appearances
Retelling the memories, how they were, how they should have been
It's worth it
What we have now is holding on to what we had then
We all try in our own way to not let this world kill us
The mistake is trying alone
Track Name: Class Comforts
The numbers are less and less; those of us who can settle for the allure of a slow death
Who can afford this high price of fitting in?
Cheated a trick for a place near the top to watch your whole world fall out from under you
There's no ladder to climb out of this
I say "break free," cause it will feel like something broke;
Caverns give way to caverns and you'll long to fill the hole with some fantasy
Some familiar delusion to keep you from what you already know.
Class comforts